Our Hand-Crafted Food Trays have Launched!!

New Product Launched!!
Our food trays are now available, filled with flavour & delectable bites!
We cater with you in mind!

Intimate Parties, Birthday Surprises, all Celebrations and of course Christmas Events!

Menu Options –
Jollof Rice
Fried Rice
Mixed meat stew
Efo Riro/Egusi
Okro (Seafood or Meat)
Beans (Special)
Meat pies
Puff Puff
S. Rolls/Samosas
Tempura Prawns
(More options available)

The choice is yours – Extra Large, Large, Medium & Small.

Tailor made for your budget. Prices range from £75 to £300!

Alternatively, we offer a set up service dressing your table or home, adding Décor to complete the whole “Fab Look”.

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