Nigerian food style

Nigeria is situated on the west coast of Africa, on the shores of the great Gulf of Guinea. With hundreds of different cultures occupying a landmass twice the size of California, it’s no surprise that Nigerian food is so diverse and unique in style.

There’s really not one national dish in Nigeria, with regional cuisine strongly influenced by local customs, traditions and the seasons too. Before the rains fall in March there’s a ‘hungry season’, while a ‘season of surplus’ follows the harvests at the end of the year.

Nigerian meals are colourful, flavoursome and spicy in style and consist mainly of rice, yam, plantain and beans, served in an eclectic mix of nutritious sauces, soups, stews and rice dishes.

Authentic traditional style Nigerian dishes will only ever use the freshest natural ingredients and take time and great care to prepare by hand and cook just right. Laraba Catering believes they’re worth all the effort. We hope you’ll agree.